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Whether you’re looking to get back out hunting or simply to enjoy the outdoors again, we have the ticket for you. Grass, mud, sand, or snow, with UCan Mobility we can help get you where you need to go and back.

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The Action Trackchair will give you your FREEDOM! Whether you’ve been in a wheelchair all your life, just recently, or even if you simply have trouble getting around, your Action Trackchair will offer you the mobility to go and do the activities that you choose to do! One of the first signs of frustration we see in wheelchair users is no longer being able to do ALL the things they used to do. Think about the individual born with a condition that has forced them to use a chair their entire life…imagine having to watch on the sidelines while everyone else participates. The Action Trackchair is the great equalizer!


How often have you said, “No thanks, I don’t need your help”? We’re guessing that what you really meant was “I don’t WANT your help”. Well, when you have an Action Trackchair and you say, “No thanks I don’t need your help”, that’s a true statement, you don’t need anyone’s help to get around! There are very few barriers the Action Trackchair cannot break through. Your Action Trackchair will give you the independence to break through the barriers you face every day. What happens once you break through that first barrier? What about when a caregiver or someone important to you sees you breaking through? That’s right, not only will you, yourself, be looking for the next obstacle but the people who are important in your life will no longer be determining activities on what you can’t do…but rather what you can do!


“I don’t know if I can do that…”, “My chair won’t go there…”. When you own the Action Trackchair those may become phrases of the past. Go places, do things, participate in activities that were previously shut down to you before – the Action Trackchair will give you the self-confidence to say “YES, I CAN!”. Owning an Action Trackchair will gives others the self confidence to say, “Yes, you can!”. To increase our self confidence it often takes one little step. Being able to take a step outside your comfort zone with an Action Trackchair is going to lead you to stepping further and further outside of your comfort zone! “Well, if I did that yesterday, what can I do today?”. And that not just with the Action Trackchair. You’ll find yourself testing your boundaries in all aspects of your life. Imagine a child in a wheelchair growing up with an Action Trackchair. The boundaries have been lifted and this young person is free to expand!


The world is a dangerous place even if you don’t live in a wheelchair, but for those who do, there are challenges around every street corner or nature trail. These are often obstacles that even an able-bodied person just simply does not see. Look out for that…snow, ice, grass, mud, curb, hole, rock, stick, or whatever. When you’re in your Action Trackchair these obstacles are no longer a danger. With your Action Trackchair you can have the WELL-BEING of knowing that you are safe. Sometimes more important, that special person in your life can also have the added comfort of knowing that when the Action Trackchair is being used the person who they care about will be safe…that’s a big deal!

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The RIO Mobility series of attachable mobility assistance tools will allow you to determine your limits.  To often our bodies breakdown and simply get tired from the extreme conditions, uneven surfaces or congestion on the sidewalk.  The RIO Mobility products will give you the ability to conserve your energy and go longer distances and spend more time doing instead of wishing.  The RIO Mobility products will give you the ability to get back on the open road and work your body in a way you thought was gone forever.  Take advantage of the RIO Mobility tools and see how far your need freedoms will take you!


The reality is your arms and shoulders can only push your chair so far before they finally start to give out.  You’re only human!  Hills, bumps, sand, and curbs all cause fatigue for the average person in a manual wheelchair.  How about a child who’s just trying to keep up with his friends?  Now there’s a tool you can use to go further, last longer, enjoy your day, and most important, enjoy the people your with.  The fully battery operated Firefly will relieve your exhaustion.  Allow you to spend all day on the trip.  Give your shoulders, arms, and hands a break!  The Dragonfly is not only an excellent exercise for your body but for your mind as well.  Get out and work your body, feel the sweat, love the burn.  The eDragonfly is for the adventurer who’s not quite willing to go all the way and peddle the distance.  If help is available why not take it?  The point is, all three models offer the independence and freedom of giving you the choice to live the best life you can.


Who wants to go shopping, to the game, for a nature walk?  How often have you had to say, “No thanks”.  Maybe you share the idea that you’re busy, tired, it’s just not the right time.  With the RIO Mobility product line of the Firefly, Dragonfly and eDragonfly you no longer have to stay behind.  You can now answer a loud, “Yes” when asked because you’ll have the self confidence to know that you will be a part of the action rather than the person in the chair.  As you experience more of these opportunities how will this effect your self confidence?  If you know the answer is a yes without even having to think about it what will that do for your mood?  The RIO products offer you the ability and opportunity to initiate to adventure.  Take it, it’s finally your turn!


The Dragonfly and eDragonfly and direct tools to help you to both get back into shape or start a new routine.  Go for it!  The health benefits of a peddle attachment are many.  Not only are you helping your body and mind but your well being and ability to move out of the way and stay safe.  The Firefly with it fully battery operated system is for the individual looking to get out of their zone.  Make a new zone.  You can go anywhere and do almost anything now with unlimited energy!  The limits have been lifted and your starting to feel good about who you are and where your going.   Keep yourself safe.  Keep yourself healthy.  You deserve to feel good about who you are!

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