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About Us

We are one of Wisconsin’s Action Trackchair dealers and a national dealer for RIO Mobility, with a purpose. The reason behind why we do this is the same reason why many of you are here right now. For us, it is a personal mission, that was born because of a need that was close to our heart.

The Reason Behind

UCan Mobility

Michael Johnson was born as a quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and had been confined to the sidewalk for 15 years. He was unable to fully participate in many family events, outdoor school activities. Simply driving his power wheelchair around the block during bad weather and certainly winter time was out of the question. Does this sound familiar? Well, as you know, after every storm a rainbow appears. In Michael’s case in came in the form of an Action Trackchair and Electric Assisted RIO Mobility Scooters. Michael and our family have been blessed to own an Action Trackchair (along with being an Authorized Dealer for the State of Wisconsin) and the RIO Mobility Attachments (along with being a Authorized National Dealer.) Hunting, fishing, maple syruping, snowmobile races, walks in the woods, simply getting out and around, camping and family outings have now become a part of Michael’s life. We truly believe the Action Trackchair and RIO Mobility have been a blessing for our family and started UCan Mobility with the purpose to help others achieve this as well. 

The Action Trackchair and RIO Mobility

Opportunity, Opportunity, Opportunity

The Action Trackchair and RIO Mobility have given our family the opportunity to enrich our activities and create many new memories. We’ve been all over the United States with Michael’s Action Trackchair and Rio Mobility Attachements, so we know what and where they can go! These memories are priceless. What memories are you going to create?

Our Goal is to help you regain your

Independence, Dignity, Freedom!

I want this for Michael. Michael will have this. The Action Trackchair and RIO Mobility Attachements will be Michael’s partners in achieving this. Why can’t you have this too?


Get out and participate with others, hunting, fishing, bird watching, walking the dog, whatever – tell others what you want – meet and greet and have fun!


“Follow me, I’ll plow the path!” Michael knows what his Trackchair can do and will you, you’ll learn where your chair can take you and others. Jump to the front of the line and the others will follow!

Expand your Comfort Zone

Michael pushed himself just a little bit further every time…get out of the house…climb the hill…drive over the curb…go through the snow. You can do this. What’s next? Simply start by bringing in the mail. The more you do – the MORE you will do!

People Skills

Simply by being outside, being around others and participating Michael has met new people and developed strong relationships with family and friends. In the Action Trackchair and your chair with a RIO Mobility Attachment, you’ll be the center of attention, people are going to want to be around you!

Self Confidence

“I can do it!” When was the last time you were on the beach, next to the lake, driving through the sand? Twice a year Michael takes his chair to the beaches in Florida and North Carolina. A winter storm with 6 inches of snow? No problem! Rain with mud in the woods? No problem! Sand at the beach? No problem! Remember this phrase, “I can do it!”

The benefits of

The Action Trackchair

The Action Trackchair has helped Michael develop many skills he’s going to need for him to go out and experience the best life possible. His chair has helped him with communication skills, leadership skills, people skill, self-confidence and expanding his comfort zone. The Action Trackchair is a blessing for my son. We want to help you develop the skills to take you to wherever you choose to go! The Action Trackchair will help you to hit your target.

Meet the Father/Son Team behind

UCan Mobility

Your Wisconsin Action Trackchair and Action Trackstander Dealer and National RIO Mobility Dealer.

Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Wisconsin/National Dealer

The proud father of the adventurous Michael. “I’m so proud of Michael and the way he uses his Action Trackchair to participate with people who he loves. Michael is my inspiration to help you achieve and explore your possibilities. Scott has been an Authorized Dealer and Service Technician for 5 years. He’s here to help you put your rear end in the seat of and Action Trackchair. “If there was a better chair on the market, Michael would have it.”

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Assistant Wisconsin/National Dealer

Michael has had an Action Trackchair since he was 14 years old. He is the Leader of the Pack. Michael is a quadriplegic who has NO boundaries. He is a young man who uses his Action Trackchair along with his smile to create memories for himself and everyone else who is around him. 

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